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Warriors Football voluntary 2023 Player Evaluations (Tryouts):
Registration will now open on March 1st  - interested participants must register
for these tryouts by clicking Register Online in the upper left!


Current Plans for Player Evaluations (tryouts) Dates: 3/26, 4/16, 4/23. On these dates times would be: 4th grade 3-4pm, 5/6th grades 4-530pm, 7/8th grades 530-7pm.  Location is Highland Heritage Regional Park, Field F.  After 4/23 will be TBD.


Note, this year the Player Evaluations (tryouts) will be limited contact. Personal equipment will be required.  With Limited Contact no player will be taken to the ground.


For those players without equipment we will have plenty of non-contact drills and exercises to properly evaluate your player - no need to buy equipment early!


All players wishing to participate in Player Evaluations must register via our online registration process by clicking here or by clicking on the "Register Now" button on the Football home page!  Please note, it is not mandatory to do player evaluations and players can simply just register on April 1, 2023.